22 Sep 2015
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  1. Crew wanted for Thursday night Summer Twilight Race Series. I have a 16 foot trailer yacht call Rod on 0278829925

  2. Hello
    We are 3 of the same family in Wanaka just this week. One mid 20s, others parents (just over 50!) all with a variety of experience, helming dinghy, racing 33 ft yacht in Cornwall UK , have owned and sailed various dinghies over the past 30+ years. Visited the club earlier today and advised to show up on Thursday 15th at 4.30.
    Would be lovely to know of any opportunity to get on the water.

    Thank you very much

  3. Hi,

    Is anyone looking for a crew member for tonight’s regatta? I have sea and lake sailing experiences (races).Hope to hear from you.

  4. Hi

    I’d love to get out on the lake and help with crewing, learn to sail or whatever. Used to sail and windsurf a lot a long time ago. Keen to get back into it.



  5. I am interested in being crew on 11 and 18 Feb. Used to own 6m boat, am experienced though rusty on the fine points of racing. Reach me at bobhasenick@att.net or US call at 1 707 486 0055. Bob

  6. Hi,

    I have been sailing for as long as I can remember and been teaching for the last 15 years. I used to race competitively and would love to get involved in the sailing community here as crew/helm or if you are looking for instructors or someone for safety. Living in Queenstown. You can contact me on 0220116022 if you are looking for crew etc. Thanks, Verity

  7. Hi. I am new to sailing (have been out a couple of times), but I am a passionate and keen learner. If you need a crew member for a Thursday night sail, please do not hesitate to call me on 027 309 5381. Looking forward to getting on the water! Cheers, Jane.

  8. Hi,

    I would love to crew for someone and would especially be interested in an Etchel. I have a lot of experience both crewing and helming. I sail a laser in the Cromwell boat club and also have my YNZ Club instructor certificate and teach in sailing in Cromwell on both 420’s and Toppers. I now live in Wanaka and want to get involved with the Wanaka club.


    • Hi Erin,

      Thanks for Contacting us. My Name is Craig Fahey, I head up the LTS program. We would love to have your help with the youth sailing program if you are available. My number is 0210 833 5771. Feel free to give me a bell. I’ll keep my ear out for Etchells crew spots for you too. If you don’t get a response here for this week. wander along on Thursdays, there is often folks looking for crew then too.


  9. Would love to get back I to sailing, sailed a lot over the years in Thursday races, have owned 2 trailer sailers, available most thursdays. Can crew or take the helm. Please get in touch for casual or season.

  10. I’ve done a bit of J24 sailing in the UK and would love to get involved while I’m here. I’m not very experienced but I’m keen and enthusiastic. I’m also available Thursday nights!

    • Hi Ginny

      We already have a full crew but are often happy for a guest or two aboard our trimaran on some Thursdays. If you would like to come out sometime give me a text on 0221741867 .



  11. Hi

    I’m back in Wanaka until the end of May 2016 apart from 6 weeks over Christmas. I am happy to crew on Thursday nights or help with the safety boats.
    Last year I assisted in with Race Control but prefer to be on the water if possible.

    I have a first aid cert , an RYA power boat cert and a day skipped cert but these days just happy to crew and help as required.

    Hilary (Robinson)

  12. Interested in crewing, but will not be able to come every thursday night, and none at all in Jan 2016. Have sailed/raced dinghies and Noelex 22

    • Hi John,

      Thanks for contacting us. The season kicks off this Thursday. This Notice Board is new, and we are yet to send the link to the Members. That will be done in the next day or two. Hopefully you will find someone looking for a crew then.




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